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May 162011

Considering that this humble blog of mine is only a few months old, it’s popularity is getting better as time goes by, with more visitors and commentators stopping by and joining in with my blog posts.

Not only has my Alexa ranking moving quite well, it’s 150,917 at the time of writing this post, but the blog has also been getting a quite healthy 250-400 views a day, which isn’t bad for a new blog, in the blogsphere.

Also since starting the blog there have been posts that seem to be getting more visitors and have become very popular, specially as these have been discovered through the variousΒ searchΒ engines, mainly Google πŸ˜‰

So the top visited posts, since starting the blog have been:

As you can see it certainly seems that the posts for advert music are the most popular at the moment, the incentive to start a series of posts for advert music is quite tempting πŸ˜‰

What people have been searching for:

  • heineken advert 2011 – 211
  • spartacus gods of the arena – 93
  • kate middleton – 90
  • lucozade yes advert – 66
  • heineken advert – 65

Who’s been commenting and coming back for more!

All the above stats are since the blog started on 18th March 2011, so they may not be truly amazing, but I’m working hard to get the stats going up a bit more πŸ˜‰

A big thanks to all those that have been commenting and sharing the posts on social networks such as Twitter, Facebook etc, these are really helping to increase my little blogs popularity, so thank you everyone.

See you on the next blog post πŸ˜‰

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  19 Responses to “Building Up My Blogs Popularity”

  1. Wow, well done. I think it’s mainly down to the fact that you have found a unique point. A blogging chap? There are a few million around, whereas a blogging bear, although I could name a couple, is pretty rare. How’s your bounce rate, if you don’t mind asking? I’ve noticed that it is quite a challenge to get people to stay on a blog once they’ve landed.

  2. My blog turned into a personal journaling kind – even though it wasn’t meant to be that at first. I am quite happy with the traffic it gets since I’ve never done anything that online gurus recommend to advertise it. I am simply being myself and adding new original content often.

    Congrats on your results!! :)

  3. Nice work! I’m surprised to see Kate Middleton sending traffic your way. I wonder how high up you are in the SERPs. Well you certainly have picked some great topics to blog about. One of my favorites is about the Conan remake – wonder why. LOL!!

  4. You have some very interesting content and a lovely delivery. I enjoy reading your posts and always try to comment on things you have written.

  5. I like reading about a new blog, the way it’s building its popularity..Very motivational

  6. Whau, that is pretty impressive numbers for such a new blog. You have some great blog topic. Blogging about a Heineken Advert is obvious a great idea. I have often search for a commercial that I have seen in TV and bear commercials are often popular.

  7. Compared to the traffic that I had when I started, your blog is doing really well. I never thought a bear can have a better start at blogging than me, but it apparently has happened. While I’m here, I’ll take a Heineken, please.

  8. I just hope I have good skills like you and everybody else.

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