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Apr 142011

Now this is a bit of a cock-up isn’t it! I’ve just been reading about the apology that Channel 5 has given to a funeral parlour over the faux par that was made.

It seems that an advert for the series The Walking Dead was placed on a billboard of the side of a funeral parlour, of all the places to put the advert!

The Walking Dead Funerals

The billboard advert in Consett, County Durham has since been removed from the billboard from the outside wall of the Co-operative Funeral care.

Just goes to show that sometimes advertisers really don’t think the location through as much as they really should 😉

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  6 Responses to “Channel 5 Gives Apology Over The Walking Dead”

  1. So, location do important for advertising. :)

  2. Timing and location two simple things that weren’t adhered to.

  3. Mind You.

    While the location is very inappropriate and wrong. You know its going to get them a lot more advertising that a simple billboard in another location will get. Since this kind of “mistake” is likely to be talked about, emailed about, even appear in some press.

    So, Was it really an oversight, or was someone at the advertising lot being very sneaky.

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