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May 082011

It’s been done before in the past, when the fans have all got together in force to demand that their favourite show isn’t placed in the cold, dark archives for eternity, so the question arises:

Will This Facebook Group Save SciFi Series Stargate Universe?

Save SGUIt’s the buzz going around the internet at the moment about the Facebook group called “SaveSGU” while I was typing this blog post the group had 27,542 loyal fans that have joined forces to save a show which means so much to fans across the globe.

There are so many fans of Stargate Universe that are screaming to keep this show alive and may be it can be saved, if enough people join in and try to help keep the show alive then at least the TV executives at Syfy will decide to give the show that extra lifeline that it needs to keep going, after all, if so many people are demanding that the show keep going then surely someone should be listening 😉

I’ve read several posts on the net with regards to keeping the show going such as Save Stargate Universe Facebook Campaign Recruits Over 22,000 Fans…Will Syfy Listen? and CAN THEY SAVE “STARGATE UNIVERSE”? both of which are pleading for Stargate Universe to stay on the air.

I’m a fan of Stargate Universe, what can I do?

There are several things you can do to help:

Hopefully if we all get together and show our support for this brilliant franchise then hopefully we can keep it going for a little longer 😉

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  9 Responses to “Will SciFi Series Stargate Universe Be Saved By Facebook Fans?”

  1. I just don’t get why they feel the need to cancel massively popular shows sometimes. I’m just thankful Supernatural survived beyond season 5, when Kripke had intended to end it. The shows I miss the most are The O.C. and Charmed.

  2. Don’t give up, yet. It has worked, and it’s worked for shows that weren’t half as good (Roswell?). We just have to keep pushing, and to make sure to buy/rent/watch ALL of the series in every legitimate way possible…we don’t want to starve MGM of money…quite the opposite, we want them to see Stargate as their savior and resurrect the franchise immediately.

  3. It’s just typical isn’t it! Just when we are starting to get in to a show and it’s getting better every episode they decide to cancel it, what’s the matter with these studios, do they not realise it’s the fans that keep them going!

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