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Dec 242012

Hello everyone, I do hope that you are all enjoying the holiday season, the big man himself will be delivering presents to all the good girls and boys very soon, so I thought I would wish you all a Merry Christmas and bring you a Top Posts of 2012 post, so we can see what you’ve all been reading my humble blog.

Merry Christmas From Slappy Bear And The Top Posts Of 2012

Ok, it’s not the end of the year yet, but it’s almost there and lets face it, a lot of us won’t be having much time over the next week or so with celebrating Christmas with family and friends, so I thought that doing the top posts of the last 12 months would be great as there isn’t going to be much of a change in the next week.

I’m also going to bring you some other stats in this post, so please enjoy it and Merry Christmas to you all 😉

Top Posts Of 2012

  1. What Is The Song On The Heineken Advert – 3241 views
  2. Rise Of The Planet Of The Apes – A Bear Review – 1087 views
  3. Are You Ready For The Slappy Bear 2012 Contest – 343
  4. Lucozade Skaters Advert And The Music Used – 257 views
  5. Are You Prepared For The Prince William and Kate Middleton Royal Wedding – 240 views

Top Referrers Of 2012

  1. Google Search
  2. StumbleUpon
  3. BeThere2Day
  4. Twitter
  5. BlogEngage

Top Search Terms For 2012

  1. heineken advert music 2012
  2. heineken advert
  3. caesar planet of the apes
  4. heineken advert song
  5. kate middleton

So there you have it, a little run down on what has happened on my blog through 2012, hopefully you’ll all be back reading and commenting on my blog through 2013, making the out of the brilliant CommentLuv that is on the blog as well as ReTweeting and sharing my posts out to your friends.

Just time to say MERRY CHRISTMAS to you all and I do hope that you’ve all had a brilliant 2012 and that you’re going to have an amazing Christmas 😉 xx

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  4 Responses to “Merry Christmas From Slappy Bear And The Top Posts Of 2012”

  1. Merry Christmas Slappy. I hope you had a great evening and that you did not eat too much of all the great Christmas food. I know that I did 😉

  2. Well hallo Slappy hope your bearing up well

    Boom! Boom! heheh

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