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Apr 212012

Hello Bear lovers, just for a change I thought I would bring you a riddle for today’s post, I’m not sure if you’ll find it hard or easy, but please no cheating!!!!

So have fun with the riddle for today and don’t take it too seriously, remember it’s all just a bit of fun and a way of spending a couple of minutes getting those brain cells ticking over on the weekend 😉

A Little Riddle For You To Ponder Over!

A talented magician was boasting one day about how long he could hold his breath under water. His all time record was six minutes. A small child that was listening to the magician said “That’s nothing I can stay under water for ten minutes using no scuba gear or air pockets!”.

The magician told the child if he could do that he would give him £20,000. The child did it and won the money.

But Can you figure out how?

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  3 Responses to “A Little Riddle For You To Ponder Over!”

  1. …the kid held a glass of water over his head?

  2. Maybe by standing in the shower for 10 minutes? :-)

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