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Jun 182011

Not as though I need to save up for a rainy day as we seemed to have had loads of those already 😆 But I’m talking about those bits of loose change that everyone seems to have in their pockets, bottom of their bags and even somewhere on the floor in the car 😉

Saving For A Rainy Day

So I’ve saved up those bits of money that I find lying around, shhh don’t tell my human-owner 😆

And these little bags are my savings for a rainy day, ok it’s not much, but every little helps to save towards those things that we all want. For me it’s saving up to get a flight out to see some of my fellow bears and I am saving to have a trip to see @GeneralSarge so we can catch up and have some fun in the sun (hopefully)

So are you saving the pennies for that little something special? If so what are you saving up for?

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  10 Responses to “Saving Up For A Rainy Day!”

  1. Hey there SlappyBear, I wondered where all my copper coins had gone to 😆

  2. Why do I always get entertained whenever I visit this blog? hehehe. Nice pic you got there. It’s rainy day season here in the Philippines and I just got my first payroll. Hope to save even a little.

  3. Hey Slappy!

    It looks like you’ve found a great stash of loot there. Too bad your human-owner just found you out too. But, it’s a good thing we’re low to the ground. Our human-owners don’t like to look under chairs for money. I’m so excited that you’re planning a trip my way and I can hardly wait!

    Two paws up!
    General Sarge

  4. We still have the college jar of change my husband has used for years, it is always a treat to empty it out and see how much cash we had stashed inside. Have fun saving for your rainy day and future trip to visit @GeneralSarge..

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