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Apr 222011

It’s certainly been another hot day here in Blighty, with it being so hot all my strength has been zapped away from me and all I wanted to do all day is just kick back with an ice-cold drink and watch the day pass by, but even that was unbearable, I wonder why we are getting this much hot weather! 😉

Slappy Bear Check The Temperature

As you may remember I have shown you my Galileo Thermometer in a past post, this is my more modern counter part, not only is it a clock, it also shows the air pressure, sunrise, sunset, weather prediction and the inside & outside temperatures.

At the moment this was taken it was 27.4°c outside and a whopping 35°c inside, phew, more iced water please 😆

The temperature did peak at 28°c during the day, so if the weekend keeps like this it’s going to bikini weather for the ladies and undercrackers for the men 😆 But the little weather girl is predicting a slight rain, so let’s see if she get’s it right for tomorrows bloggy post.

Until then stay healthy and please comment to let me know what the weather is like where you are 😉

  • We finally get warm weather and are complaining about it! (
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  6 Responses to “Yet Another Scorcher Of A Day In The UK”

  1. Hey Slappy!

    Wow! It seems like you’re keeping all that nice warm weather for yourself over on the other side of the pond away from us. Please send some our way. Actually, on second thought, next week is when we’re off to see my human-owner graduate from Fort Benning in Georgia. He said it’s really hot and humid there. Maybe you can keep your warm weather after all.

    General Sarge – Two paws up!

  2. Yesterday it reached 27°C here in Lincolnshire with lovely blue skies. It’s only 16°C this morning, but I’m sure it’s going to be hot this afternoon :-)

  3. It’s quite hot here in central London trouble is it gets so muggy especially at night, but i understand by the forecast it is going to cool down this week.

    Just hope that ain’t our summer over with lol’ in the meantime make sure Slappy Bear slappys some sun cream on :-)

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