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Jan 312012

So there I was minding my own business when my human-owner, @BlazingMinds, strolled in and said, “well hello there, I’ve got something a little special for you and I think you are going to love them!”

I had no idea what she had got me, but I new she had just been to @ApolloCinemas Rhyl, so I new it had to be something to do with films and I was right, but better than that, she had picked up something really, really brilliant and they are ALL MINE!!!!!

Star Wars In 3D! I’m Totally Prepared

Slappy Bear in Star Wars 3D Glasses

As you can see she has picked me up some special Star Wars 3D Pod Racing Glasses aren’t they cool!!!

Now if you would like a pair like this from @ApolloCinemas Rhyl then you better get there as quick as you can, I can see them going pretty fast when people have seen me wearing them

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  7 Responses to “Star Wars In 3D! I’m Totally Prepared For The Phantom Menace”

  1. Hey there Slappy!

    I am loving the new 3D glasses! Very cool!

    Two paws up!
    General Sarge

  2. Hi Slappy
    They look awesome on you. Maybe you should make a little change on your logo now 😉

  3. I’m sure Elton John is going to grab a pair just for everyday wear!

  4. I am still in two minds. The only 3D I have seen so far is on display sets in shops. Looks interesting, but I am not sure if I like it. Actually heard about Star Wars 3D from my wife (who had never watched Star Wards before meeting me!) the other day. Tempted now!

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