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Look at me with a couple of movie stars!

Hello Bear lovers, just a quick bloggy post for you today to share a little picture of me and some movie stars! Yes, I do get the chance to brush shoulders with some big names, not only have I been photographed with the Ice Warrior from Doctor Who, Spencer Wilding, but I’ve also been snapped […]

Wordless Wednesday - I Love You Ducky

Wordless Wednesday – I Love You Ducky

Ooo hello Bear lovers, it’s that day of the week when I take you on mystical photographic journey and bring you a picture, this weeks picture was taken by my human-owner and it’s just so cute and is of a subject close to my heart, bears! So please check out this weeks entry in the […]

Wordless Wednesday - Slappy Bear Chomps On A 9Bar

Wordless Wednesday – Slappy Bear Chomps On A 9Bar

Hello Bear lovers, it’s Wednesday, so that can only mean one thing, it’s the day after Tuesday. No! It means it’s time get myself on a photo and plaster it over the internet for another Wordless Wednesday. So here we go folks, not much text but a picture of me and as someone keeps mentioning […]

The Wonder Of Blue Skies And Sunny Days!

The Wonder Of Blue Skies And Sunny Days!

I’ve been on my travels today with my human-owner (@BlazingMinds), it’s been such a lovely day with the sun shining and the sky a lovely shade of blue, that I decided to pop up the road to the seaside 😉 Though it really wasn’t warm enough for a paddle, it was still nice enough to have a […]

A Lonely Little Flower [Picture]

A Lonely Little Flower [Picture]

Hey everyone, just a quick picture post today, I just had to post this up, its a lonely little flower, wondering where all it’s friends have got to 😉 It seems that this lonely little flower is here on its own due to the strange British Weather we seem to be having lately, warm one minute, […]

Hey Everyone I've Pimped Ma Ride Ya'll With PicJoke

Hey Everyone I’ve Pimped Ma Ride Ya’ll With PicJoke

I’ve been having a bit of fun lately with the website called PicJoke, it’s great for just playing around with you brand and plastering your photographs up on some funny looking pictures. You may see one that I used in yesterday’s blog post “Watch Out When You Park Your Car in Rhyl!” where I used. […]