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Aug 232013

Hello bear lovers, hope you are all keeping well and you are all enjoying the summer holidays.

Image from Rhyl Air Show

Now today I thought I would do a little “TOP POSTS” article, listing what you have all been reading over the last 7 days on my humble little bloggy and a thank you to all of you for taking the time to visit, read and share my ramblings.

Ok, let’s get on with this thing shall we, here we go, are you ready? Because I’m not, not sure if my little paws can cope with the typing!

Top Posts on the Slappy Bear Blog that you have been reading

  1. The Country Has Gone EuroMillions MAD! • The Slappy Bear Blog
  2. Bear could be blinded in one eye after being attacked with paint!
  3. What Is The Track In The Lucozade Yes Advert? • The Slappy Bear Blog
  4. Look at me with a couple of movie stars! • The Slappy Bear Blog
  5. Vegan vs. Meat Eater – InfoGraphic • The Slappy Bear Blog

Top Referrers

  1. myblogguest
  2. Twitter
  3. Blazing Minds
  4. Comment Luv
  5. Facebook

Top Searches

  1. new lucozade advert song 2013
  2. slappy bear
  3. all videos of rhyl fair
  4. Rhyl fun fair
  5. caesar rise of the planet of the apes

Big thank you to you all for visiting my little bloggy, I added the video above to just tease you all with the number 3 and 4 in the top searches, also can I please ask you all to share/Like and tweet the video below, which is a video of the Rhyl Coastline Regeneration, thank you everyone.

Thanks for sharing everyone, see you soon 😉

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  6 Responses to “Top Posts on the Slappy Bear Blog that you have been reading”

  1. Slappy Bear, very great job organizing the posts that are of most interest to your readers! That is a very great idea and easy to navigate. Certainly seems to have been an eventful week you had – from being blind to being vegan, and still here sharing it with us all on blogengage. Kudos, and wonderful teaser video. Stay groovy!

  2. First time visitor here. But loved the Infographic on vegans and meat eaters 😀
    Awesome work, keep them coming!

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