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May 022011

Well it was the time again to ask my human-owner about another piece of music used in the TV commercial and this time it was for the Lucozade Yes Advertisement, you know the one, the one with Travis Barker in it!

Lucozade Sport

Anyway Yet again she came to my rescue and told me that it is by Tinie Tempah and it’s called Simply Unstoppable, but the version on the advert is a Remix of the original track and that’s called the Yes Remix.

If you are after the track you can actually download it from iTunes, I personally love it, the drum work is superb.

What do you think of the music used in the new Lucozade advert?

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  9 Responses to “What Is The Track In The Lucozade Yes Advert?”

  1. Hey there Slappy!

    Wow! You certainly do spend a lot of time looking for new music don’t you. Do you have your own iTouch or something like that load all your favorite music on?

    General Sarge – Two paws up!

  2. I use my Human-owners iPod Classic whenever I can it’s got around 6,000 tracks on it at the moment 😉

  3. Awesome video and song! Thanks so much for sharing this, Slappy. I really enjoyed this and would not have found it but for your blog. Well done!

  4. Slappy, I’ve been thinking about this ad a bit and was wondering about your thoughts. Do you think the ad would have been better if the band had a drink of Lucozade after they played the song? Otherwise, the video doesn’t really sell the Lucozade, does it?

    • Good point, though it shows the drink at the end, I do think that they should perhaps be holding the drink to show their endorsement, rather than just a still of the bottle of Lucozade 😉

  5. Interesting track, I have heard many artists in this genre but this particular one I hadn’t heard before. Travis Barker certainly has talent and the video close ups on his ink is nice work as well.

  6. Don’t like rap. At. All.

    Have a terrific day. :)

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