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Apr 022011

My human-owner wasn’t very happy today, as she was conned out out a couple of pence and an hour in a car park in the seaside town of Rhyl today.

She knows that this time of year, the council and the car park owners decide to put up the prices in these places, but to con people out of an hour of parking time is just so nasty.

So I’m blogging about this as a warning to other people who may be parking their cars in the underground car park at Rhyl underneath the, so-called, children’s village.

Anyway, as you can see from the picture below the it clearly stats that the cost of two hours is £1.50, which isn’t bad, even though last week it was £1 for 3 hours!

Car Park Fees

But what happened when the ticket was printed from the machine, it stated that she only had an hour, yes an hour, so the robbing so and so’s had stolen an hour from her, the price clearly stating that the price for 2 hours was £1.50 not an hour.

Car Parking Ticket

Suffice to say that she wasn’t very happy and I had to cover my tiny little ears from the language she was saying 😆 Now I know that she is going to take this further and complain to Denbighshire council for the way they have done her out of an extra hour of parking time, I wouldn’t like to be in their shoes when she gets hold of them.

So be warned people, if you are parking there make sure they are giving you  the correct time for the price paid or better still, just boycott the car park altogether!

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  7 Responses to “Watch Out When You Park Your Car In Rhyl!”

  1. Hey there Slappy!

    You’re doing a great job of warning people to not get scammed! I know Dr. Rus hates getting scammed too and he has a way of pushing things all the way to the top level if he thinks he’s been scammed. I am glad to hear you covered your little bear ears so you couldn’t hear what your human-owner was saying. I have a feeling she wasn’t saying “May God bless all the people involved”.

    General Sarge – Two paws up!

    • I couldn’t even repeat what she was saying 😉 I know she was mentioned the TV show watchdog at one point and reporting the local council to them!

      • Yes I did mention WatchDog and will most likely be contacting them over this blatant disregard for conning people out of time and money!

    • Slappy, Eastgate Centre in Southampton. £1.40 for two hours. I put £2 in the machine and then saw the small print – no change given. DOH ! Lost 60p and that’s the Council !! Love and blessings. Z

  2. Hi Slappy, Good job calling out the town council for their thievery! I have found town councils to be reasonable with parking matters (I’m lucky, I guess). But this is outrageous! Hopefully they get things sorted before the beginning of beach season or they will have many unhappy tourists who won’t return.

    I’m thinking Rhyl must be in beautiful Wales?

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