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Apr 192011

The other day, by human-owner Karen was talking with @BTCare and was asking about getting rid of her old BT Voyager for a new BT Home Hub, so that we could have wireless internet in the house and the other day a shiny looking BT Home Hub 3 arrived 😉

Slappy Bear and the BT Home Hub

As you can see it’s quite a simple looking machine, it’s also quite small and unobtrusive sitting on to of the computer desk.

It didn’t take long to set up, after removing the old BT Voyager and it’s cables and replacing them with the new cables supplied with the BT Home Hub, it was a simple case of turning on the computer, inserting a disc and following the instructions, within 10 minutes the new Hub was up and running.

The Wii is even now connected up to the WiFi, wow, modern gadge eh!

So all I need now is a little laptop of my own and then I will be able to stop fighting over who is on the computer, if I want to use it 😉

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  5 Responses to “We’ve Gone Wireless With A BT Home Hub 3”

  1. Hey Slappy!

    I think your human-owner needs to get you your own computer. After all, you are the Overseas Correspondent of my Task Force so it’s very important you have uninterrupted access to a computer at all times. You never know when a breaking story might hit that you have to update me on.

    General Sarge – Two paws up!

  2. Wireless access is very convenient indeed, now you can be anywhere in your owners home enjoying the internet and working your correspondent duties. Technology is an amazing thing, so glad that your own has taken your connectivity to wireless.

  3. Wifi internet is fantastic. It means I can work from the garden. Maybe your owner will buy you a netbook 😉

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