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Jun 162013

Hello Bear Lovers.

So there I was looking through the internet, when suddenly I noticed that a couple of my furry friends had posted up another video of them playing around.

This time they seem to be having a little bit of an argument, well, when I say argument, it certainly seems to be one sided as Tyley looks like he wants to have the comfy bed and Dexter won’t let him have it, what a pair of silly doggies.

Slappy Bear and The Boys #2

Anyway, here’s the video from YouTube, if you like it then please, give it a thumb up and share it with your friends and fellow furry critters, it would be nice if we could get a few thousand plays for these two, actually that would be beary fantastic.

Don’t forget to share the video and like it, I think this crazy Poodles need to become a bit of a YouTube sensation, I dare say that if they become popular, more videos will probably go up of them, playing, mucking about and generally having a laugh.

Don’t forget to follow them on Twitter @Terrible2Some and on FaceBook.


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