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Jun 082011

Yes folks it’s true, if you don’t give us bears all the love we need then we, sadly, turn in to wooden bears, so remember, please give us all the loves and cuddles we could ask for 😉

Little Wooden Bear

Happy Wordless Wednesday 😉

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A bear with a love of everything groovy and great friend to fellow bears around the globe, if he likes it, then he'll blog about it!

Bears Love Comments

  9 Responses to “Wordless Wednesday – Bear”

  1. Oh! So sad!!! I love wooden teddy bears too though and would never refuse one love.

  2. Well, wooden bears are also beautiful. Whatever kind of bears i will love it. I will give love!

  3. Oh my Slappy! This is so sad. He looks familiar too. He may have served with me at some point. I wonder if we can give him some “furry to furry resuscitation” to bring him back to life.

  4. Aww! he looks so lonely :-(

  5. What!! Don’t take any wooden bears…. or is that nickles.. I don’t recall.

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