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Aug 242011

Greetings bear fans, today is Wednesday, so I thought I would have little laugh with todays Wordless Wednesday picture.

In todays Wordless Wednesday picture you’ll find Barack Obama checking to see who or what is taking the tour of the white house and walking past the Oval office 😉

But look closely and you’ll even see that @Barack Obama loves the @SlappyBear Blog 😉

Obama and an Elephant!

Happy Wordless Wednesday everyone 😉


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A bear with a love of everything groovy and great friend to fellow bears around the globe, if he likes it, then he'll blog about it!

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  10 Responses to “Wordless Wednesday – Slappy Bear, Barack Obama and an Elephant!”

  1. Wow Slappy! You’re moving up in the world as your picture is hanging in the Oval Office!

  2. We think everyone should have a photo of the bear hanging in their office.

  3. Hi Slappy.
    Pretty cool you have made it to the white house :-)

  4. LOL @ you on the wall and Obama in range of the elephants a**e, I hope you held your nose :-)

  5. Excellent. Is there is pic of you in 10 Downing Street as well?

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